Career Activities & Workshops

For the past one year, there were several nice career events or workshops held either by CSO, the clubs or the 3rd parties. Some of them will be held every year, make sure you attend some of those nice events.

Career Talk/Workshops by CSO or 3rd Party

Organiser: CSO
 14:30-17:30, Mar. 29 2017
Workshop Facilitator : Yue-Wen Lim

The workshop was good. Some contents were a refresh and some contents were new to me. There were some practices and contents I think useful:

1. figure out our motivation by analysing the previous jobs
2. make company bucket list and figure out why the company excites me and what is my value adding part
3. 9 networking mistakes(I found the video on Youtube)
4. Informative interview(video made by INSEAD CSO)


– Sherman Chien, 2016 Intake

【Arthur D Little Recruitment Talk】
Jan 26th 2017
1. A management consulting firm with a very entrepreneurial model. Only 6 people in singapore office.
2. A NUS BIZ school alumni and a Japanese senior manager made intro and answer questions.
3. Hiring summer interns and Business Analyst.
4. Undergraduates are also invited.
5. I put on the formal attire.

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– Chieh-An Yu, 2016 Intake

【Consulting Night】Networking Event
Organiser: CSO
Time: Jan 20th 2017
1. Venue: 2nd floor of Boat Quay Harry’s, a good place for networking conversation when the music volume is not too loud
2. The food is good. Free juice, but beer is on one’s own expense.
3. Some of the consulting professionals are NUS MBA seniors, very nice alumni connections.
4. Undergraduates are also invited.

-Chieh-An Yu, 2016 Intake

【Nielsen Talk】
Organiser: CSO 
12pm-2-pm, Oct 28th 2016

Hi guys, I attended this talk today. It’s beyond my personal expectation.
Instead of the typical “marketing themselves” style, they brought extra “6 lessons in Business Leadership” by their managing director.
Besides, their team displayed very professional behaviours and responsible attitudes! Extra respect for this!


-Yan Lu, 2016 Intake

【Turbocharging Your Career】
Lecturer: Davy Lau (MC Camp faculty)
Time:17:30-19:00, Oct 5th 2016
1. Introduced the mindset of career goal & life goal and gave his personal & his clients example; indicated some methods to take a leap in career
2. Showed the roadmap of the career goal(refer to the photo)
3. Showed lists of companies which have good talent training programs
4. Mentioned some tips for career success, how to work on CV how to success in interview and how to negotiate the salaries (by role playing)
5. The most favorite parts: some behavior example during the interview; interview preparation, compensate negotiation

Davy’s sharing was awesome and useful, as it was during the MC camp. There is another session this Saturday. Remember to register if you are still interest.

Davy’s linkedin profile

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– Sherman Chien, 2016 Intake

【Case Cracking by David Ohrvall】
Organiser: CSO
The workshop is awesome! David Ohrvall is an experienced Lecture who graduated from Wharton MBA and CSO spent a fortune to have him. He showed many useful case interview skills. Don’t forget to sign up the event when it’s available.
For more information, please check his website.

【Changing Skillsets for a Digital World】Career talk
Organiser: CSO
 Oct. 12th 2016
1. Introducing the company VIKI (, which is part of the Rakuten Group company.
2. A manager brought 4 employees (NUS Alumni), talked about his entrepreneurship experience. One of the employee who is the product manager, talked about his job in product design in a internet company like VIKI.
3. Looking for talent in NUS undergraduate, not sure if they accept MBA students.

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-Chieh-An Yu, 2016 Intake

【Talk with Mr. Deepak Natarajan】
Time: 12:30-14:00, Oct. 12th 2016
I attended this talk today. It’s a great event, and give 12 (out of 10)!
He was very sincere to share his experience and lessons with us and had the talk prepared well. I respect him for this! He talked a lot of enlightening ideas which may benefit us greatly. I just listed some based on my understanding and hope you will get something too.

1) The eyesight to look forward/future: to choose a prospective industry and a career including improvement space and what kind of the leader;
2) Specific envision: to know what’s your target and where you are and make adjustment in between;
3) The necessary quality of a leader-authenticity;
4) A striking quality in work: get things done;
5) To pursuit a career where you feel comfortable and match the CULTURE;
6) Tips from being VC:
a) open mind-to judge rationally and be with smarter peers;
b) be a good listener;
c) experience-you’ve been there;
7) Tips from Israel culture:
a) argue for the next 9, always push for better qualities and get better answers;
b) military discipline;
c) support the DECISION even you personally disagree;
d) once you are lagging, you’ll be lagging a lot;
8) Tips for silicon valley:
a) being high growth company is mindset;
b) network is critical to development;
c) risk-taking mindset;
9) Some Asian features: regional constraints, judgement for 2-million-scale company;
10) The reasons for losing money:
a) the market doesn’t do well;
b) mis-accessment in management team;
c) get cheated;
11) Suggestions:
a) 1st job is all about potential-show your potential in interview ( the key points for 1st job are horning skills, getting experience and developing a long contact list);
b) find a mentor if you can;
c) functions & domain;
d) take risk early;…..


-Yan Lu, 2016 Intake

【Johnson and Johnson】Coffee Chat
Organiser: CSO
Time: Oct. 6 2016

1. Two people from JnJ Singapore
2. Company Introduction
3. Leadership Development Program introduction
4. Apply Internship/Job online (Deadline: Jan/Oct)

-Chieh-An Yu, 2016 Intake

Company Visit by NUS Clubs

【Tableau Company Visit】US data visualization software company for data analytics/visualization lover
Organiser: Technology Club
Venue: South Beach Tower
Time: 10:00-11:30
1. Introduction of Tableau
* Top10 best employer in Singapore, 2016
* Tableau’s application in various companies, like Grab, Honeywell, IHC.
* Why should you use Tableau? To Speed to insight/connect to data anywhere/hybrid platform strategy/Thriving community/Data analytics-the hottest skill trending.
2. Sharing by Taresh, enterprise sales consultant -MBA graduate.
* He gave an introduction of Tableau’s application in operation management, sales and financial management.
3. Demo: skills to use Tableau- Trump’s Tweets popularity,timeline.. Personal view- Tableau is a BI tool like an advanced excel tool to organize and visualize the data.
4. Company benefit: offer monthly buffee and 3 meals a day, provide adjustable work table.

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– Sophie Liuphoto 2, 2016 Intake

【McKinsey Digital】
Topic: Business Trend sharing,
Organiser: Tech&Consulting Clubs event,
Time: Feb 3rd, 2017

1. The VP(Director?) of Mckinsey Digital Service APAC shared the digital trend and some Mckinsey’s practices. He was in Mckinsey, became CIO of another company for a while, and came back to Mckinsey. He shared the “beer game” and IT infra transformation on white board. The talk was interactive but very similar to a lecture.

2. Topics are very technical. Nothing related to career opportunities.

3. Lunch was provided after the talk. Thai Basil Chicken w/ sunny side-up, Chicken Katsudon, Insalata di Pasta from Spread. I had the Chicken Katsudon for lunch and it’s very nice.

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-Chieh-An Yu, 2016 Intake

【Microsoft Technology Center】
Time: 10:00-12:00pm, Nov. 2nd 2016
1. Went to Microsoft, 1 Marina Boulevard #22-01 Singapore.
2. Two HR facilitators, with 4 Microsoft staffs speakers. They are:
(1) Open Source Lead,
(2) SAM & Compliance Lead
(3) Anti-Piracy Lead
(4) Global Enterprise Strategist & MACH MBA (who is a NUS MBA Alumni from batch 2014/2015.) Good sharing.
3. Each speaker has a session for 15-20 minutes, introducing their job in Microsoft and answering technical, strategic, and hiring questions.
4. The average age of Microsoft employees is 43 years old.
5. Take a tour in 2 of 6 floors of their office.
6. No goodies delivered.

-Chieh-An Yu, 2016 Intake


【Accenture IoT Centre of Excellence】
Organiser: Technology Club
9:00-11:00am, Oct. 28th 2017
1. Went to Accenture’s IoT demo center, 21st floor on Marina Boulevard. Nice view.
2. Introducing Accenture’s working models, relationship partners, and their direction in IoT.
3. Showing 5-6 their customer reference cases, including Disney, Perrier, Heineken…… all about mobile, IoT, VR/AR,…
4. Nice AR demo room.
5. We were lack of time, so we didn’t got the chance to ask more about internship and job opportunities.


-Chieh-An Yu, 2016 Intake

【Dinner with UBER】
Organiser: Technology Club
Time: 7-9pm, Oct. 18th 2017
1. Introducing UBER in Singapore
2. General Manager came with couple of staffs.
3. Shows willingness to hire MBA students.
4. GM Warren Tseng’s linkedin:
5. The company is in fast expansion. They are looking for talents in “Strategic Planning & Finance,” “Business Development”.


-Chieh-An Yu, 2016 Intake

Other workshops

【Google MBA day】
Organiser: Google
Jan 21th 2017
1. Introduction of 4 teams in Google Singapore: Marketing, Cloud, Retail Operation and Stuffing
2. Recruiting process of Google: Call from HR—>4 interviews—>Committee review—>Offer. You may find the position of Google from the picture attached
3. Lunch with Google employees
4. Google office visit

-Will Wu photo 2, 2016 Intake

【Market Research workshop by Central Library】
Organiser: NUS Library
Central library 6F training room
Time: 10-11:30am, March 29 2017

One of the most useful workshops I had in NUS! The instructor gave a real world scenarios and elaborate what areas that we need to focus while conducting the secondary research. She taught us how to use the two data bases – Passport and Frost & Sullivan- purchased by NUS. These two data bases are very powerful and they are targeting marketer/market researcher. I think they are the very useful tools for MP project, new business development and industry study.

The workshop is very effective and they also offer step-by-step handout for later reference.

The Central Library will hold the session again next semester and they also offer the tutorial materials for download.

Please check here for downloading the ppt slide and handout

PPT slides(including the tutorial of access to the database)…/ms_ru/29Mar-WKW-RUKMktRes.pptx


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– Sherman Chien, 2016 Intake

【Accenture Technology Vision 2017】
Marc Carrel-Billiard: Senior Managing Director, Accenture Labs
Michael Biltz: Managing Director, Accenture Techonology Vision
Elise Cornile: Managing Director, Accenture
Jolie Huang: Senior Analyst, Accenture Labs

AI will replace human being?
AI is not to replace people. AI is created to suit the best interest of human.
Robert will take over part of the jobs. We need to keep on changing and developing new skills.

How are we moving(Accenture)?
The jobs 5 years before were totally different from the job today.
There are a great number of human’s need are being noticed via technology. New tech. is to be designed to suit the trend.

What is the Accenture workplace like?
Dynamics workplace.

What kind of talents Accenture is looking for?
Good master of primary skill sets but also mentally be ready to keep learning.
The more diversified skills set you have, the more projects you are exposure to.

-Sophie Liuphoto 2, 2016 Intake

【Kopi Chat Deep Dive: Applications of Big Data Intelligence】For Entrepreneurs
Date: Mar. 29 2017

The session explore how big data intelligence is being applied for different purposes. Speakers’ background are diversified, including data scientist from government body, AI business founders and venture capitalist.

Data Science can be applied in:
* Decision Making: Deep insights from data to inform policy changes and reviews
* Interactive web application or visualization: Decision support to improve operations and service delivery on a continual bases.
* Mobile or web-based application: Smart applications that enhance of customise the product experiences for citizens
Data analyst is not doing research, but like a bridge to link IT & policy maker, aiding decision making by providing support and evidence.
* Collect public feedback via data ponds and build data modeling to analyze the correlation.
* Example: LKY’s condolences pages, grab 30% of attributes. (see picture)

7 areas of AI (artificial intelligence)
* Knowledge Representation
* Automated Reasoning
* Natural Language Processing
* Machine Learning
* Planning
* Perception
* Robotics
Example: – an AI personal assistant that schedules your meeting. –The processing require processing of natural language, machine learning your email’s response history, etc.

*Above information are abstract from the speaker of data scientist in government and VP of sales in Taiger.


-Sophie Liuphoto 2, 2016 Intake


【NUS MBA + Yale MAM Program information】Double Degree,
Time: 10:30-11:30am, Nov. 8th 2017
1. Intro by Yale School of Management’s Director of Admissions for Master of Advanced Management(MAM) and MBA for Executives.
2. Comes with an NUS part-time MBA alumni who has just graduated this year.
3. Four of our last batch join the program. (see photo attached)
4. Application process. (see photo attached)

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– Chieh-An Yu, 2016 Intake