5 Things to Prepare Before Semester 1

  1. Setup the printer & scanner

    It will take you a while to figure out how to print your files at PC Common/Mac Common and Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library(Biz Library), make sure you can avoid encountering the painful process after the hectic semester start. Bring your laptop and follow the steps next to the printers(I seldom use the computer there, since it’s so slow). Notice: key in your laptop user name(there is a guide next to the machine to help you find your user name on your laptop) on the machine instead of  your NUSNET ID & PW if you choose to print out from your laptop.

  2. Purchase stationary

    There will be tons of materials when the semester start. It is always a good idea if you have plenty of L folders. You may need to buy pencils and eraser to fill out the bubble form in the Mid-term/Final exam.
    Two places to buy stationary: Book Heaven in Utown and Co-op in Central Library.

  3. Use Google Calendar

    Your schedule will be overwhelmed by the career events, networking events, group discussions, workshops and courses during the semester. To make your life more organized, make sure you put them on your Google calendar and sync with your phone.

  4. Familiar with IVLE

    When the semester start, most of the course materials will be put on the IVLE system. Make sure you are familiar with the interface.

  5. Install Windows OS on your Mac laptop

    In the Analytics class, you will use StaTools that only function well under the Windows OS. You can either use Mac’s Bootcamp or Parallel to install the second OS on your Mac. I personally like Parallel since it allows you to use double OS at the same time without exit any of the OS.